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Whether you need to stock up on your favorite cigarettes or you are looking to try a new brand, we have the largest inventory of cigarettes at Inver Grove Vape & Tobacco. You can walk into our smoke shop and find exactly what you need. Our store is organized and stocked with brands that you know and love. If you need help finding a certain product, just ask our friendly staff. We ensure satisfaction with every purchase, so shop today!

Vape Coils

Find replacement vape coils at Inver Grove Vape & Tobacco. We have a great selection of vape coils that are compatible with different pens, tanks, and atomizers. Our team can assist you with finding the right vape coil so your vape can perform optimally. Let your vape session be the best one yet with a new vape coil from our shop.


Get the best prices for hookah products and accessories when you shop with us. We sell premium products to elevate our customer’s smoking experience. We are happy to recommend items at our store, including suggesting different pipes and tobacco flavors so you can have a memorable hookah session. We guarantee customer satisfaction with every purchase. Shop today for great deals on hookah and more.

E Liquid

The great thing about vaping is the customization that possible. Unlike traditional cigarettes which only come in a handful of flavors, there's a near limitless variety when it comes to E liquids and vaping flavors. Better yet, if you don't like the flavor you chose, you can simply switch them out without having to do something like get rid of a whole pack of cigarettes.
If you're in the mood for something fruity, sweet, or minty, we have the perfect E-liquid for you. Meet our staff at our shop and tell them what you're looking for. Our staff will use their years of experience serving the vape community to help you find a flavor you'll come back to time and time again.

Tobacco Rollers

We all know a cigarette is better when you roll it yourself. Not only do you have the satisfaction of making the product yourself but you also have complete control over what goes in it. Unlike regular cigarettes which can have who knows how many chemicals. When you roll tobacco yourself, you can relax knowing that you're making a superior cigarette.
For those choosing to roll tobacco, we have everything you need. From premium tobacco to high-quality rolling paper, when you shop with us, you only get the best. Come in today and check out our unrivaled selection, we're sure you'll find the perfect ingredients.

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